Explain the ODBC architecture?

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ODBC architecture consists of the following components.

  • Application: An application which communicates with the databases using ODBC functions is an ODBC application.

  • ODBC driver manager: The ODBC diver manager manages the underlying drivers in an application. Whenever an application calls a function of ODBC API to communicate with a database, the driver manager accepts those function calls and passes them to the ODBC driver. When the driver retrieves the results from the database the driver manager accepts the results from the driver and returns it back to the application.

  • ODBC driver: The ODBC driver accepts the application function calls from the driver manager and connects to the specified DataSource, retrieves the required data and returns it back to the driver manager.

  • Data source: A DataSource contains a set of data, environments associated with it such as software to access the database, operating and network platform.

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