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Using Themes in Excel 2010

Using Themes in MS Excel

To help users create more professional-looking documents, MS Excel has incorporated a concept known as document themes. By using themes, it is easy to specify the colors, fonts, and a variety of graphic effects in a document. And best of all, changing the entire look of your document is a breeze. A few mouse clicks is all it takes to apply a different theme and change the look of your workbook.

Applying Themes

Choose Page layout Tab » Themes Dropdown. Note that this display is a live preview, that is, as you move your mouse over the Theme, it temporarily displays the theme effect. When you see a style you like, click it to apply the style to the selection.

Creating Custom Theme in MS Excel

We can create new custom Theme in Excel 2010. To create a new style, follow these steps −

  • Click on the save current theme option under Theme in Page Layout Tab.

  • This will save the current theme to office folder.

  • You can browse the theme later to load the theme.