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Move Around in Excel 2010

Excel provides a number of ways to move around a sheet using the mouse and the keyboard.

First of all, let us create some sample text before we proceed. Open a new excel sheet and type any data. We've shown a sample data in the screenshot.

OrderDate Region Rep Item Units Unit Cost Total
1/6/2010 East Jones Pencil 95 1.99 189.05
1/23/2010 Central Kivell Binder 50 19.99 999.5
2/9/2010 Central Jardine Pencil 36 4.99 179.64
2/26/2010 Central Gill Pen 27 19.99 539.73
3/15/2010 West Sorvino Pencil 56 2.99 167.44
4/1/2010 East Jones Binder 60 4.99 299.4
4/18/2010 Central Andrews Pencil 75 1.99 149.25
5/5/2010 Central Jardine Pencil 90 4.99 449.1
5/22/2010 West Thompson Pencil 32 1.99 63.68
6/8/2010 East Jones Binder 60 8.99 539.4
6/25/2010 Central Morgan Pencil 90 4.99 449.1
7/12/2010 East Howard Binder 29 1.99 57.71
7/29/2010 East Parent Binder 81 19.99 1,619.19
8/15/2010 East Jones Pencil 35 4.99 174.65
Excel Sample Text

Moving with Mouse

You can easily move the insertion point by clicking in your text anywhere on the screen. Sometime if the sheet is big then you cannot see a place where you want to move. In such situations, you would have to use the scroll bars, as shown in the following screen shot −

Excel Scroll Bars

You can scroll your sheet by rolling your mouse wheel, which is equivalent to clicking the up-arrow or down-arrow buttons in the scroll bar.

Moving with Scroll Bars

As shown in the above screen capture, there are two scroll bars: one for moving vertically within the sheet, and one for moving horizontally. Using the vertical scroll bar, you may −

  • Move upward by one line by clicking the upward-pointing scroll arrow.

  • Move downward by one line by clicking the downward-pointing scroll arrow.

  • Move one next page, using next page button (footnote).

  • Move one previous page, using previous page button (footnote).

  • Use Browse Object button to move through the sheet, going from one chosen object to the next.

Moving with Keyboard

The following keyboard commands, used for moving around your sheet, also move the insertion point −

Keystroke Where the Insertion Point Moves
Forward Arrow Forward one box
Backword Arrow Back one box
Upward Arrow Up one box
Downard Arrow Down one box
PageUp To the previous screen
PageDown To the next screen
Home To the beginning of the current screen
End To the end of the current screen

You can move box by box or sheet by sheet. Now click in any box containing data in the sheet. You would have to hold down the Ctrl key while pressing an arrow key, which moves the insertion point as described here −

Key Combination Where the Insertion Point Moves
Ctrl + Forward Arrow To the last box containing data of the current row.
Ctrl + Backword Arrow To the first box containing data of the current row.
Ctrl + Upward Arrow To the first box containing data of the current column.
Ctrl + Downard Arrow To the last box containing data of the current column.
Ctrl + PageUp To the sheet in the left of the current sheet.
Ctrl + PageDown To the sheet in the right of the current sheet.
Ctrl + Home To the beginning of the sheet.
Ctrl + End To the end of the sheet.

Moving with Go To Command

Press F5 key to use Go To command, which will display a dialogue box where you will find various options to reach to a particular box.

Normally, we use row and column number, for example K5 and finally press Go To button.

Excel Go To Command