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Freeze Panes in Excel 2010

Freezing Panes

If you set up a worksheet with row or column headings, these headings will not be visible when you scroll down or to the right. MS Excel provides a handy solution to this problem with freezing panes. Freezing panes keeps the headings visible while you’re scrolling through the worksheet.

Using Freeze Panes

Follow the steps mentioned below to freeze panes.

  • Select the First row or First Column or the row Below, which you want to freeze, or Column right to area, which you want to freeze.

  • Choose View Tab » Freeze Panes.

  • Select the suitable option −

    • Freeze Panes − To freeze area of cells.

    • Freeze Top Row − To freeze first row of worksheet.

    • Freeze First Column − To freeze first Column of worksheet.

Freeze Panes Use
  • If you have selected Freeze top row you can see the first row appears at the top, after scrolling also. See the below screen-shot.

First Row Freezed

Unfreeze Panes

To unfreeze Panes, choose View Tab » Unfreeze Panes.