Evolution of Etiquette Tutorial

Evolution of Etiquette Tutorial

Etiquette is often mistaken for “mere table manners” but if we look at it from a broad prospective, the etiquettes a person practices tells us about his qualities and adequacies. A person with a good set of etiquette not only leaves a lasting impression, but also makes sure that he leads his life as an example to the ones in his family life and the workplace. Experts state that with the advent of culture, social etiquette underwent evolution along three main categories – Hygiene, Courtesy, and Cultural norms. In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail how etiquette evolved along these three categories.


Having good etiquettes and practicing them in social gatherings makes a person behave in a professional manner and respond to situations in the most appropriate manner possible. This tutorial is meant for all those readers who want to understand the bigger picture of Etiquette and its evolution as a whole. It less about what etiquettes to follow, and more about how etiquette started, how it has evolved over the years, and how it's going to change in the future.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to know that this tutorial doesn’t cover the different etiquettes of dining, greeting, and other activities that are practiced all over the world. Each country may have its different set of etiquettes, however, this tutorial addresses only the common ones.