ES6 - setFullYear() Method

Javascript date setFullYear() method sets the full year for a specified date according to local time.


Date.setFullYear(yearValue[, monthValue[, dayValue]])       


  • yearValue − An integer specifying the numeric value of the year, for example, 2008.

  • monthValue − An integer between 0 and 11 representing the months January through December.

  • dayValue − An integer between 1 and 31 representing the day of the month. If you specify the dayValue parameter, you must also specify the monthValue.

  • If you do not specify the monthValue and dayValue parameters, the values returned from the getMonth and getDate methods are used.


var dt = new Date( "Aug 28, 2008 23:30:00" ); 
dt.setFullYear( 2000 ); 
console.log( dt )     


Mon Aug 28 2000 23:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)