ES6 - Reflect.set()

This is a function that assign values to properties. It returns a Boolean that is true if the update was successful.


The syntax which is mentioned below is for the function set(), where,

  • target is the name of the property to get value to set.

  • propertyKey is the name of the property to get.

  • Receiver is The value of this provided for the call to target if a setter is encountered. This is an optional argument.

Reflect.set(target, propertyKey, value[, receiver])


The following example creates an instance of the class Student using reflection and sets the value of the instance’s properties using the Reflect.set() method.

   class Student{
         this.firstName = firstName
         this.lastName = lastName
      get fullName(){
         return `${this.firstName} : ${this.lastName}`

   const args = ['Tutorials','']
   const s1 = Reflect.construct(Student,args)
   console.log('fullname is ',Reflect.get(s1,'fullName'))
   //setting value
   console.log('fullname is ',Reflect.get(s1,'fullName'))

The output of the above code will be as shown below −

fullname is Tutorials :
fullname is Tutorials : Point
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