ES6 - Reflect.apply()

This function calls a target function with arguments as specified by the args parameter.


The syntax given herewith is for apply(), where,

  • target represents the target function to call

  • thisArgument is the value of this provided for the call to target.

  • argumentsList is an array-like object specifying the arguments with which target should be called.

Reflect.apply(target, thisArgument, argumentsList)


The following example defines a function that calculates and returns the area of a rectangle.

   const areaOfRectangle = function(width,height){
      return `area is ${width*height} ${this.units}`
   const thisValue = {
   const argsList = [10,20]
   const result = Reflect.apply(areaOfRectangle,thisValue,argsList)


The output of the above code will be as mentioned below −

area is 200 Centimeters
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