EmberJS - Templates

A template is used to create a standard layout across multiple pages. When you change a template, the pages that are based on that template automatically get changed. Templates provide standardization controls.

The below table shows some more details about templates −

S.No. Types & Description
1 Handlebars Basics

The Handlebars templating library allows building rich user interface by including static HTML and dynamic content.

2 Built-in Helpers

Helpers provide extra functionality to the templates and modifies the raw value from models and components into proper format for users.

3 Conditionals

Ember.js defines the two conditional statements which help to control the flow of program.

4 Displaying List of Items

You can display the list of items in an array by using the #each helper.

5 Displaying Keys in an Object

You can display the keys in the object by using the #each-in helper.

6 Links

The {{link-to}} component can be used to create a link to a route.

7 Actions

The HTML element can be made clickable by using the {{action}} helper.

8 Input Helpers

The common form controls can be created by using the {{input}} and {{textarea}} helpers in the Ember.js

9 Development Helpers

The template developement can be made easier by using some helpers of Handlebars and Ember.

10 Writing Helpers

You can add extra functionality to the templates and converts the raw values from models and components into proper format for the users.