EmberJS - Application Concerns

The Ember application can be extended by using the Ember.Application class which declares and configures the objects that are helpful in building your application.

Application creates the Ember.ApplicationInstance class while running which is used for managing its aspects and it acts as owner for instantiated objects. In short, the Ember.Application class defines the application and the Ember.ApplicationInstance class manages its state.

The following table lists down more details about models −

S.No. Model Ways & Description
1 Dependency Injection

It is a process of supplying dependencies of one object to another and used by an Ember application to declare and instantiates the objects and dependencies classes between them.

2 Initializers

Initializers are used to configure an application as it boots.

3 Services

Service is an Ember object which can be made available in the different parts of the application.

4 The Run Loop

It is a region where most of the application's internal code takes place.