Email marketing vs social media marketing

Some people like Email marketing and some Social media marketing.

Let’s take a real life example; everyone has two kinds of friends – the one to whom you call at home and another one to whom you only talk outside but don’t call at home ever. A best example to differentiate social media marketing and email marketing. A friend to whom you call at home comes in “email subscriber” and a friend to whom you only talk outside but don’t call at home comes in “social media follower”.

Purpose of both (Email marketing and social media marketing) is same – both delivers message directly to that person who asks for reply. Both function online and important for online success.

But, apart from these similarities, there are dissimilarities between social media marketing and email marketing too.

Social media followers and email subscribers

Social media followers link with you on a social networking site like; Facebook or Twitter, alert(“XSS”);, etc. Usually, these followers are interested in special type of content, special offers, and discounts. Also, these followers are interested in gossips that happen in social networking sites, others profile and pictures, learning about different organization and business, sharing their thoughts and waiting for others reply.

Email subscribers are those to whom you can contact directly via email. These subscribers need privacy when they send any message to others; friends, family organization, business man, etc. Although, emails are more synchronized than others, subscribers avail these facilities while connecting to other by one–to–one communication.

Email easily Segments the list but social media not

In email marketing, list segmentation is one of the most significant part of it. Due to list segmentation right message delivers to the right audiences without any trouble. It decreases unsubscribes, increases conversion rates and ensures that your emails are welcomed, read and acted upon.

In social media, list segmentation is not so good and everyone receives the same kind of message weather they are interested to read or not.

Email works on one-to-one reply and social media many

Social media name describes its characteristic – by name it is social; for one post we get many replies weather; you are using Twitter to post a tweet, Facebook to update your status, linkedin to reply someone or YouTube to upload videos.

But, that is not with Email marketing is much more direct and much easier. Once you sent your message, only that user will response to which you sent the message. It is very much personal only receiver can read the message.

Email gives you more control than social media

Twitter and Facebook has algorithms to determine who see what to any one and anything. But, email provides full control on what you are sending, you can decide when and how often to send a message and it goes straight to the source.


Social media marketing and Email marketing both are important.

Using Social media marketing, followers can attract more and more people; they can also start conversation with anyone to whom they like to call.

Using Email marketing, subscribers have given permission to contact to their friends on their field,

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