Earliest data output time considering TCE in 8085 Microprocessor


The 74138 receives the addresses ranging from A15 to A14 from 8085 Processor by means of the octal line driver 74LS244 which delays 12-nS. Simultaneously IO/M* signal is received from 8085 Processor via 74LS244. After that the CS* signal gets receive by the 27128 from 74LS138 which is 3 to 8 decoder, with a delay of 22 Nano seconds. Hence 27128 receives the CS* signal at the end of 34 nS. Hence the data only comes out from the pins ranging from Dto D0 of 27128 by 34 nS + tCE = 34 nS + 200 nS = 234 nS.

 Delays involved in accessing 27128 EPROM in ALS kit.

Bus timing characteristics of MR machine cycle

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