DocumentDB - Data Migration

With the DocumentDB Data Migration tool, you can easily migrate data to DocumentDB. The DocumentDB Data Migration Tool is a free and open source utility you can download from the Microsoft Download Center

The Migration Tool supports many data sources, some of them are listed below −

After downloading the DocumentDB Data Migration tool, extract the zip file.

You can see two executables in this folder as shown in the following screenshot.

Executable Files

First, there is dt.exe, which is the console version with a command line interface, and then there is dtui.exe, which is the desktop version with a graphical user interface.

Let's launch the GUI version.

Launch GUI version

You can see the Welcome page. Click ‘Next’ for the Source Information page.

Source Information page

Here's where you configure your data source, and you can see the many supported choices from the dropdown menu.

Specify Source Information

When you make a selection, the rest of the Source Information page changes accordingly.

It is very easy to import data to DocumentDB using the DocumentDB Data Migration Tool. We recommend you exercise the above examples and use the other data files as well.