Do you think IPL should be banned? Yes/No….Why?

The show of Indian Premier League (IPL) aka Indian Paisa League, Indian Puppets League and what not, has been going on relentlessly for the past 10 Years and seems like there is no end to this fake cricket drama of BCCI because it gets a whopping amount from the Telecaster (Star Sport), the telecaster receives that amount from sponsors (Vivo), and the sponsors collect it from, obviously, us (Fools).

You might thrash or troll me pitilessly for calling you fools, but this is what IPL up to with all its treacherous moves. Have you ever given a thought to the followings?

  • Why is IPL organized only in starting summers?

  • How many gallons of water is wasted on the name of the maintenance of a ground at a crucial time when the whole country struggles with water scarcity?

  • How many Mega WATS of electricity is frittered away on day-night matches?

  • Are IPL matches fixed?

  • Why IPL remains in controversies every year?

  • Does it promote betting?

  • Why are there hell number of matches played in every season? More than even the biggest event (World Cup) of ICC.

  • Why should I waste my time watching fixed matches?

If you find an answer to the aforementioned questions, please share and spread the word so that we see this ‘TAMASHAA’ to be stopped one fine day.