Django runtime system check

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While creating a Django website, sometimes you want a URL endpoint from where you can check your database, cache, and storage. In such cased, we can use a third-party package to keep a check on your system performance and other things and you can check your system even in production.

In this article, we are going to make a URL endpoint which will give us system check.


First of all, perform all the basic settings of apps and urls.

Next, install the django-watchman package −

pip install django-watchman

Now, in, add this −


This will simply add watchman as an app in our django project.

In, add the following line −

urlpatterns += [path(r'watchman/',

t will define the URL endpoint where we have to go to see our system check.

With that, you are all done. Now, let's check the output.



Updated on 25-Aug-2021 13:12:21