Differentiate between share outstanding and float.

The major differences between share outstanding and float are as follows −

Share Outstanding

  • These are shares held by stakeholders, company officials and investors in public domain.

  • Contains both stock float and restricted shares.

  • Contains all shares of company held by its investors.

  • It is used to calculate market capitalisation and earnings per share (EPS).

  • It provides voting right and ownership right.

  • Private or public limited company will issue these kinds.

  • It has low risk.


  • It is share issued by company to public and available to investors for trading in stock market.

  • Contains only float stock.

  • It is available for public.

  • It acts as determinant of financial calculations.

  • Won’t provide voting right and ownership right.

  • Issued by public companies (listed in stock exchange).

  • It has high risk.