Differences between Bootstrap and JQuery UI

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Both bootstrap and jquery are used in web development and primarily for the frontend development. As code of bootstrap and jquery majorly executed at client end so also responsible for style and look and feel of the UI.

Mostly every application is being developed on two platforms i.e backend and frontend in which backend is developed by high level language such as JAVA,DOT NET etc. while frontend has been developed by client end language such as BOOTSTRAP,JQUERY etc.

Following are the important differences between Bootstrap and JQuery

Sr. No.KeyBootstrapJQuery
1DefinitionBootstrap is basically a framework developed by Twitter used for frontend web development to make application development easier and faster.On other hand Jquery is a library developed by Jquery project group used for backend web development by using its predefined functions and utility to make application development easier and faster.
2Prime functionalityAs mentioned in above point Bootstrap is basically focused on the design and appearance of the application.On other hand Jquery due to its library functions used to provide specific functionality to the application.
3UsageAs Bootstrap is mainly a CSS framework and hence lots of options to customize it and also several approaches being provide for UI development.On other hand Jquery provides number of functions which acts as the utility to achieve some functionality and along with this these functions can be override easily for user customization.
4ResponsiveBootstrap no doubt mainly deals with the UI and also provide user an option of responsiveness i.e UI would get self-oriented as per the screen size and resolution and user need not to take care for the UI for different screens.On other hand Jquery primarily deals with the logic implementation and hence do not support in UI responsiveness.
5LanguageBootstrap framework is mainly based on CSS as mentioned in above points and hence languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, LESS and SASS are primarily used in its development.While Jquery primarily developed used Javascript only.
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