Difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous Counter

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As we know that In digital electronics,counter is a sequential logic circuit consisting of a series of flip-flops which is used to counts the number of occurrences of input in terms of negative or positive edge transitions. Now Based on the way the flip-flops are triggered we can distinguish between Synchronous and Asynchronous Counter.

Following are the important differences between Synchronous and Asynchronous Counter.

Sr. No.KeySynchronous CounterAsynchronous Counter
1TriggerIn case of Synchronous Counter, as the name suggests all the constituent flip flops are triggered with same clock simultaneously.On other hand in case of Asynchronous Counter there is triggering of different flip flops with different clock.
2SpeedAs mentioned above in case of Synchronous Counter all flip flops are triggered altogether hence operation speed of counter become faster as compared to that of Asynchronous counter.On other hand in case of Asynchronous Counter operation speed is comparatively slower than Synchronous counter.
3Error ProneSynchronous Counter is less error prone and hence hardly produces any decoding error in the system.While on other hand Asynchronous Counter is more error prone and produces decoding error in the system.
4ComplexityAs all flip flops are being coordinating with the clock hence the design and implementation is complex as compared to that of Asynchronous Counter.On other hand as output of one flip flop performing as input of next flip flop the design and implementation is quite simple in case of Asynchronous counter.
5SequenceSynchronous Counter could be operated in any desired count sequence as it could get manipulated by changing the clock sequence.On other hand Asynchronous counter could operate only in fixed count sequence i.e., UP and DOWN.
6DelayThere is no propagation delay observed in case of Synchronous Counter.However on other hand there is a subsequent propagation delay from one flip flop to another in case of Asynchronous Counter.
Published on 09-Jun-2020 08:19:19