Difference Between Paging and Swapping in OS

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In this post, we will understand the difference between paging and swapping in an operating system −


  • It is process where the entire process is copied to another location.

  • This process occurs when the entire process has been transferred to the disk.

  • Here, the data is swapped temporarily from the main memory to a secondary memory.

  • It can be done without using any memory management methods.

  • It can be done by processes that are inactive as well.

  • It helps give a direction with respect to the solution.


  • It is a memory allocation technique.

  • This process occurs when a part of a process is transferred to the disk.

  • The contiguous block of memory is made non-contiguous but it consists of fixed size called frames known as pages.

  • It uses non-contiguous memory management technique.

  • Only a process that is currently active can perform paging operation.

  • There is no suggestion about the solution in this technique.

Updated on 19-Apr-2021 06:16:06