Difference between IPSec and SSL

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IPSec is suite of protocols to provides security services during communications between networks. It supports network level peer authentication, data origin authentication, data integrity, data encrytion and data decryption. It is often used to create a VPN.


SSL is a networking protocol to provide a secure connection between a client and server over the internet. It works at transport layer. It is often used to secure communication between web browser and web server.

Following are the important differences between IPSec and SSL.

Sr. No.KeyIPSecSSL
1ConceptIPSec, Internet Protocol Security, is a suite of protocols to provide security for internet protocol.SSL, is a secure protocol to send information securely over internet.
2LayerIPSec works in internet layer of OSI model.SSL works in transport and application layer of OSI model.
3ConfigurationIPSec is complex to configure.SSL is simple to configure.
4UsageIPSec is used to secure VPN, Virtual Private Network.SSL is used to secure web based communications/ transactions.
5InstallationInstallation is vendor neutral.Installation is vendor specific.
6Changes in OSChanges required to OS during implementation.No changes required to OS during implementation.
7Changes to ApplicationNo changes required to Application during implementation.Changes are required to Application during implementation.
8LocationIPSec is present in OS space.SSL is present in User space.
Published on 28-Nov-2019 10:07:43