Difference between CRT and LCD

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CRT and LCD both are display devices. CRT is an old technology whereas LCD is modern one.

Following are the important differences between CRT and LCD.

1DefinitionCRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube.LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
2Power ConsumptionCRT consumes more power than LCD.LCD consumes much less power than CRT.
3CostCRT is cheaper than LCD.LCD is costlier than CRT.
4SpeedCRT is faster than LCD in response time.LCD is slower than CRT in response time.
5SizeCRT is larger than LCD in size.LCD is smaller than CRT in size.
6Image ConfinementNo Image confinement.Good Image confinement.
7ResolutionCRT resolution is quiet lower than LCD.LCD resolution is quiet high than CRT thus have high image quality support.
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