Difference between Hibernate and Eclipse link

Hibernate and Eclipse link both are object relational mapping tool. They both are the implementation of JPA.

Hibernate is very popular implementation of JPA built by Red hat. It also has some extra features that JPA does not provide.

Eclipse is an open source implementation of JPA built by Eclipse foundation. It 'is one of the first project which became part of EE4J. It is available in two forms −

  • Eclipse link jar file format − It is complete package. It has everything which need to run any Eclipse link functionality.
  • OSGI bundles for each of the eclipse link component.
Sr. No.KeyHibernateEclipse link
It is a very popular implementation of JPA. It does not implement JPA2.2 but has almost all the features of it.
Eclipse link is an open source implementation of JPA 2.2.
Native SQL function
We can not call native function directly in JPQL queries  
We can call native SQL function directly in JPQl queries
Batch size
Hibernate has annotations for batch size @batchSize
It doesn't have annotation for
Batch size @batchSize
Hibernate JPQL implementation does not understand Boolean value
Eclipse link implementation can understand Boolean
User case
Hibernate is very mature and well documented.
Eclipse link is not very mature and well documented.

Updated on: 09-Sep-2020

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