Difference between File and Folder

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File can be described as a set of related data/information and is stored on secondary storage device. A file can be a data/information file or program file and can contain data in any format. For example, text files, audio files, executable program files and so on.


Folder is a container to carry files. A folder can have sub folders as well.

Following are the important difference between File and Folder.

Sr. No.KeyFileFolder
1ExtensionFiles may or may not have extensions.Folders do not have extensions.
2ContainerA File can not contain another file/folder.A folder can contain any number of file/folders.
3Memory sizeA file has certain size and memory consumption.A folder has no size of its own. It derives the size from the files it contains.
4AttributesName, Extension, Date, Time, Length and Protection (Read-Only, hidden etc.)Name, Date, Time and Protection (Read-Only, hidden etc.)
5Supported operationsOpen, save, rename, print, email and modify file content.Move, rename, delete and share.
6SharingFiles cannot be shared on network on their own.Folders can be shared on network.
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