Difference Between Cohesion and Coupling

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In this post, we will understand the difference between cohesion and coupling −


  • It is an intra module concept.

  • It represents relationships within the module.

  • Increased cohesion is considered to be good for the software.

  • It represents the functional strength of the modules.

  • When modules are highly cohesive, a high quality software is built.

  • In cohesion, module focuses on the single thing.


  • It is an inter module concept.

  • It helps represent the relationships between the modules.

  • Increased coupling has to be avoided in software.

  • It represents the independence among the modules.

  • When the modules are loosely coupled, it results in a high quality software.

  • The modules would be connected to each other.

Published on 24-Apr-2021 07:47:19