Difference between 1G and 2G protocols

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1G and 2G are two generations of mobile phones. 1G stands for first generation and 2G stands for second generation.

Following are the important differences between 1G and 2G.

Sr. No.Key1G2G
1Definition1G stands for First Generation. It brought wireless communication in US.2G stands for Second Generation.It brought voice and digital communication in US.
2Switching1G uses circuit switching.2G uses both circuit switching as well as packet switching.
3InternetIn 1G, internet is not supported.In 2G, internet is supported.
4Voice Signal TypeIn 1G, voice signal type is analog signal.In 2G, voice signal type is digital signal.
5Data ServicesIn 1G, data services are not provided.In 2G, data services are provided except videos.
6Channelization protocolChannelization protocol is FDMA.Channelization protocols are CDMA and TDMA.
7TransactionsServer handles transactions in a very quicker way.Server is slow comparatively.
Published on 26-Nov-2019 10:57:39