Delete Your Chrome History Selectively

From time to time, clearing browsing history on chrome is a good habit, many do it as this particular action of theirs, help protect their privacy and prevent everyone having access to their personal computer from collecting information about them by having a glance at their browsing history.

Chrome browser offers the best erase tool which lets you delete your browsing logs from the beginning or day, week or month. However, if you wish to delete your history selectively or if you want to delete one particular site or few sites from Chrome memory.

Chrome Browsing History

Similar to other web browsers, Google also maintains a record of your browsing visit and other information pertaining to your browsing sessions.

Ideally speaking, browsing history must include only those websites, which you have personally visited, but however, numerous times you might land up on varied websites which you never intend to be on, those websites also gets included in your browsing history. This is another reason, as to why you might prefer to delete your browsing history.

Few other reasons as to why you might prefer to delete selectively could be –

  • Older site, which you never intend to visit anymore and this site gets in your way while performing auto-complete drop down list.
  • Maybe you do not want your better half to see that you are checking cruise ship holiday websites.
  • Accidently, one evening you stumbled upon viewing a porn site unknowingly.
  • You wish to protect your privacy.
  • You may come across a situation, where you might require to lend your phone to your friend’s or relatives and do not know those specific sites you have visited earlier.

To Delete Selective Chrome History

Press Ctrl+H or Cmd+Y and your browsing history would appear, you will be able to view checkboxes next to your recently browsed sites. You must place ticks to the offending pages and then click on removing selected items and those browsed sites would be deleted. By using the search box, you can easily find entries relating to a particular URL.


In the past, this extension was found very useful, as it offers more granular control on your history search, based on the title, date or URL and thus helps deleting by batches bit easier when compared to chrome integrated tool. In case you need to clear a lot of history, opt for this.

Based on Due Date

You can browse history on chrome based on date. This helps you to go back in time and check for a link which would lead you to an important article, which you remember reading and wish to read it once again or would be interested to forward it to your friends or colleagues.

Small and Useful Trick

As you are aware to delete them selectively, you are required to put a tick on the boxes next to the URL which you intend to delete. But in case you have a lot to delete, you can use this small trick, this will help get your job done in a mere two clicks and thus help save a lot of time.

  • The First step would be, to click on the check box next to the 1st item which you wish to delete. This would allow you to put a check mark on the 1st item.
  • The Second step would be to scroll down to the end of the page and you are required to identify the last item which you wish to delete.
  • The Third step, hold shift key and then click on the check box next to the end item which you wish to delete. This particular action will help you select all those items in between first as well as last item.

Incognito Mode

Google from time to time would remind you to browse in incognito mode. This is also helpful as it does log anything in your history and by mere clicking on remove, your tracks would be erased.

You should remember that by removing entries from browsing history does not necessarily delete everything, from the autocomplete list, which appears below the address bar. You should highlight the URL in question with cursor keys and hit shift+delete and all traces relating to your site visit would be erased.

In Chrome Browser, how to Clear Browsing History on iPhone

Google chrome is also very popular among iPhone users. You need to follow the few steps to clear browsing history from a chrome app on their iPhone.

  • 1st step, on your iPhone, tap on chrome app. By default, the Chrome, search engine is Google; hence you will be landing on Google’s home page.
  • On the right-hand corner of your screen, you will find 3 dot icon, tap on it.
  • 3rd step, from the menu, click on history. By clicking on history, you will find yourself on website history page. And here you will find the list of all websites which you have earlier visited on your iPhone using the Chrome browser. Click on clear browsing data link which is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Next, you are required to click on clear all. You will get a pop-up asking you whether you really wish to clear your entire browsing data. By clicking on clear all, you will find your cookies, browsing history and website data getting cleared from chrome browser. And now when you try to visit your history page, you will notice there exist no entries to view and it is blank.

Always make sure to make a habit to clear your history on Personal computer or your iPhone to protect your privacy or browse in incognito mode.

I am thankful to the most important key in history was invented. It’s not the key to your house, your car, your boat, your safety deposit box, your bike lock or your private community. It’s the key to order, sanity, and peace of mind. The key is ‘Delete.

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