Database READ Operation in Python

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READ Operation on any database means to fetch some useful information from the database.

Once our database connection is established, you are ready to make a query into this database. You can use either fetchone() method to fetch single record or fetchall() method to fetech multiple values from a database table.

  • fetchone() − It fetches the next row of a query result set. A result set is an object that is returned when a cursor object is used to query a table.
  • fetchall() − It fetches all the rows in a result set. If some rows have already been extracted from the result set, then it retrieves the remaining rows from the result set.
  • rowcount − This is a read-only attribute and returns the number of rows that were affected by an execute() method.


The following procedure queries all the records from EMPLOYEE table having salary more than 1000 −

import MySQLdb
# Open database connection
db = MySQLdb.connect("localhost","testuser","test123","TESTDB" )
# prepare a cursor object using cursor() method
cursor = db.cursor()
   WHERE INCOME > '%d'" % (1000)
   # Execute the SQL command
   # Fetch all the rows in a list of lists.
   results = cursor.fetchall()
   for row in results:
      fname = row[0]
      lname = row[1]
      age = row[2]
      sex = row[3]
      income = row[4]
      # Now print fetched result
      print "fname=%s,lname=%s,age=%d,sex=%s,income=%d" % \ (fname, lname, age, sex, income )
   print "Error: unable to fecth data"
# disconnect from server


This will produce the following result −

fname=Mac, lname=Mohan, age=20, sex=M, income=2000
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