Creating a Browse Button with Tkinter

In order to create buttons in a Tkinter application, we can use the Button widget. Buttons can be used to process the execution of an event in the runtime of an application. We can create a button by defining the Button(parent, text, **options) constructor.

Let us suppose we want to create a Browse Button which when clicked, will ask the user to select a file from the system explorer. To create a dialog box for selecting a file, we can use filedialog package in tkinter library. We can import the filedialog in the notebook using the following command,

from tkinter import filedialog

Once the package is imported in the program, we can use it to create a dialog box for opening and selecting all the Python files and it will return the number of characters present in that particular file.


# Import the required Libraries
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk, filedialog
from tkinter.filedialog import askopenfile

# Create an instance of tkinter frame
win = Tk()

# Set the geometry of tkinter frame

def open_file():
   file = filedialog.askopenfile(mode='r', filetypes=[('Python Files', '*.py')])
   if file:
      content =
      print("%d characters in this file" % len(content))

# Add a Label widget
label = Label(win, text="Click the Button to browse the Files", font=('Georgia 13'))

# Create a Button
ttk.Button(win, text="Browse", command=open_file).pack(pady=20)



Now, run the above code to browse and select the files from the system explorer.