Create a stopwatch using python

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A stopwatch is used to measure the time interval between two events usually in seconds to minutes. It has various usage like in sports or measuring the flow of heat, current etc in an industrial setup. Python can be used to creat a stopwatch by using its tkinter library.

This library will have the GUI features to create a stopwatch showing the  Start, Stop and Reset  option. The key component of the program is using the lable.after()  module of tkinter.

label.after(parent, ms, function = None)
parent: The object of the widget which is using this function.
ms: Time in miliseconds.
function: Call back function

In the below program we use this method as out key component of the program and design a widget showing the GUI features in the stopwatch.


import tkinter as tink
count = -1
run = False
def var_name(mark):
   def value():
      if run:
         global count
         # Just beore starting
         if count == -1:
            show = "Starting"
            show = str(count)
         mark['text'] = show
         #Increment the count after
         #every 1 second
         mark.after(1000, value)
         count += 1
# While Running
def Start(mark):
   global run
   run = True
   start['state'] = 'disabled'
   stop['state'] = 'normal'
   reset['state'] = 'normal'
# While stopped
def Stop():
   global run
   start['state'] = 'normal'
   stop['state'] = 'disabled'
   reset['state'] = 'normal'
   run = False
# For Reset
def Reset(label):
   global count
   count = -1
   if run == False:
      reset['state'] = 'disabled'
      mark['text'] = 'Welcome'
      mark['text'] = 'Start'

base = tink.Tk()
base.title("PYTHON STOPWATCH")
base.minsize(width=300, height=200)
mark = tink.Label(base, text="Welcome", fg="blue", font="Times 25 bold",bg="white")
start = tink.Button(base, text='Start',width=25, command=lambda: Start(mark))
stop = tink.Button(base, text='Stop', width=25, state='disabled', command=Stop)
reset = tink.Button(base, text='Reset',width=25, state='disabled', command=lambda: Reset(mark))

The below images show the three different scenarios when the stopwatch is run.

Starting the Stopwtach

The running Stopwtach

Stopping the Stopwtach

Resetting the Stopwtach

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