cPanel - Remote MySQL

This feature of cPanel allows remote servers or web application to access a database hosted on your account. If a server or web application tries to access the database on your account, which is not provided access to, then cPanel will not allow this host to access your database. But, if you have an application, whom you wish to grant access to your databases, you can add their host names or IP address here.

To access this interface, click on Remote MySQL link found in your Database Section of your cPanel.

MySQL Link

Add Access Host

To Add Access Host, which can access your databases when needed. You will have to enter Host Name in text input. You can enter hostnames in three types.

Add Access Host
  • You can use Domain Name, E.g.
  • You can use IP address, E.g.
  • You can use wildcard %, E.g. or 184.164.144.%

Click on Add Host to add an access host.

Remove Access Host

To deny access to a web application having access to the databases, click the Delete link from the list of Access host.

Remove Access Host