Cover the Tracks using covermyass

It is imperative to fully cover your tracks you made on the systems during assault. This tool is designed for pen testing "covering tracks" phase, before exiting the infected server. Or, permanently disable system logs for post-exploitation.This tool allows you to clear log files such as −

  • /var/log/messages # General message and system related stuff

  • /var/log/auth.log # Authenication logs

  • /var/log/kern.log # Kernel logs

  • /var/log/cron.log # Crond logs

  • /var/log/maillog # Mail server logs

  • /var/log/boot.log # System boot log

  • /var/log/mysqld.log # MySQL database server log file

  • /var/log/qmail # Qmail log directory

  • /var/log/httpd # Apache access and error logs directory

  • /var/log/lighttpd # Lighttpd access and error logs directory

  • /var/log/secure # Authentication log

  • /var/log/utmp # Login records file

  • /var/log/wtmp # Login records file

  • /var/log/yum.log # Yum command


  • Open the terminal in the kali linux and hit the following commands

  • sudo curl -sSL -o /usr/bin/covermyass

  • sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/covermyass

Launch it using this

  • covermyass