Convert PDF to CSV using Python

Python is well known for its huge library of packages. With the help of libraries, we will see how to convert a PDF to a CSV file. A CSV file is nothing but a collection of data, framed along with a set of rows and columns. There are various packages available in the Python library to convert PDF to CSV, but we will use the Tabula-py module. The major part of tabula-py is written in Java that first reads the PDF document and converts the Python DataFrame into a JSON object.

In order to work with tabula-py, we must have Java preinstalled in our system. To convert the PDF file to CSV, we will follow these steps −

  • First, Install the required package by typing pip install tabula-py in the command shell.

  • Now, read the file using read_pdf("file location", pages=number) function. This will return the DataFrame.

  • Convert the DataFrame into an Excel file using tabula.convert_into(‘pdf-filename’, ‘name_this_file.csv’,output_format= "csv", pages= "all"). It generally exports the pdf file into an excel file.


In this example, we have used IPL Match Schedule Document to convert it into an Excel file.

# Import the required Module
import tabula
# Read a PDF File
df = tabula.read_pdf("IPLmatch.pdf", pages='all')[0]
# convert PDF into CSV
tabula.convert_into("IPLmatch.pdf", "iplmatch.csv", output_format="csv", pages='all')


Running the above code will convert the PDF file into an Excel (CSV) file.

Updated on: 21-Apr-2021

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