Concatenated string with uncommon characters in Python?

Here two strings are given, first we have to remove all the common element from the first string and uncommon characters of the second string have to be concatenated with uncommon element of first string.


Input >> first string::AABCD
Second string:: MNAABP
Output >> CDMNP


/* s1 and s2 are two string */
Step 1: Convert both string into set st1 and st2.
Step 2: use the intersection of two sets and get common characters.
Step 3: now separate out characters in each string which are not common in both string.
Step 4: join each character without space to get a final string.

Example code

# Concatination of two uncommon strings 
def uncommonstring(s1, s2):
# convert both strings into set
   st1 = set(s1)
   st2 = set(s2)
   # take intersection of two sets to get list of common characters 
   lst = list(st1 & st2)
   finallist = [i for i in s1 if i not in lst] + \ [i for i in s2 if i not in lst]
   print("CONCATENATED STRING IS :::", ''.join(finallist))
# Driver program
if __name__ == "__main__":
   s1 =input("Enter the String ::")
   s2=input("Enter the String ::")


Enter the String ::abcde
Enter the String ::bdkl
karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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