Competitive Dance - Competitions


Regional Competitions

High-school auditoriums are the most preferred venue to host regional competitions as it includes a stage and appropriate space for judges and audience. The venues are not limited to high-school only. The venues are normally rented for the period ranging from one to four consecutive days, depending on the number of dancers planned to compete.

Competitions frequently start very early in the morning and last till late at night so as to reduce the rental cost and other expenses.

Regional Competitions

National Competitions

National competitions usually last for weeks and many competitors along with their coaches used to flood from all parts of the country. So, it is oblivious that these take place in a big rented hall with well decorated lights and sound system. These competitions also include −

  • A Dance-off or Dance-down
  • Workshops and dance classes
  • Choreographers for additional training
  • Ending festival

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