Comparing integers by taking two numbers in JavaScript

In the given problem statement we have to find the difference between sum of square and square of sum with the help of Javascript functionalities. So we will use basic Javascript to solve this problem.

Understanding the Problem

The problem at hand is to compare the two integers given. This operation is a common operation when it comes to sorting the data. In this task we will find how to compare two integers and check their relationship with the help of Javascript. For example, we have two integers like 10 and 20. So we can say that 10 is less than 20 or 20 is greater than 10.

So we will discuss the logic, algorithm and code for getting this output.

Logic for the given Problem

To solve the problem, we will use the relational operator of Javascript to compare integers. So these operators will allow us to determine that one number is greater than, less than or equal to the other number. So after using these operators we can check the relationship between two integers.


Step 1: As we have to compare two given integer numbers, we will create a function to do the task and give names as compareIntegers. This function takes two parameters as input num1 and num2.

Step 2: Inside this function we will first compare these two numbers with the help of a comparison operator. The first condition is if the num1 is greater than num2 then print the message on console.

Step 3: Second condition is to check if the num1 is less than the num2 so print the message on console.

Step 4: Third condition is to check that the num1 and num2 are equal to each other then show the message on console.

Step 5: The fourth condition is to check if there is no comparison between the two numbers then show the message as num1 and num2 are not comparable.


//Function to compare the given integers
function compareIntegers(num1, num2) {
   if (num1 > num2) {
      console.log(`${num1} is greater than ${num2}`);
   } else if (num1 < num2) {
      console.log(`${num1} is less than ${num2}`);
   } else if (num1 === num2) {
      console.log(`${num1} is equal to ${num2}`);
   } else {
      console.log(`${num1} and ${num2} are not comparable`);

// Example usage:
compareIntegers(15, 10);
compareIntegers(98, 100);
compareIntegers(25, 25);


15 is greater than 10
98 is less than 100
25 is equal to 25


The time complexity for comparing the given integers is constant or O(1). Because we have performed a fixed number of operations besides the input size.


We have successfully created the function to compare the given input integers in Javascript. As we have used relational operators provided by the Javascript. The code is simple and with the help of it we can determine the relationship between two integers easily. The code uses the comparison logic and its complexity is constant which is making the code efficient for future use.

Updated on: 14-Aug-2023


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