Clojure - Sets

Sets in Clojure are a set of unique values. Sets are created in Clojure with the help of the set command.


Following is an example of the creation of sets in Clojure.

(ns clojure.examples.example
(defn example []
   (println (set '(1 1 2 2))))


The above code produces the following output.


Following are the methods available in Clojure for sets.

Sr.No. Sets & Description
1 sorted-set

Returns a sorted set of elements.

2 get

Returns the element at the index position.

3 contains?

Finds out whether the set contains a certain element or not.

4 conj

Appends an element to the set and returns the new set of elements.

5 disj

Disjoins an element from the set.

6 union

Return a set that is the union of the input sets

7 difference

Return a set that is the first set without elements of the remaining sets.

8 intersection

Return a set that is the intersection of the input sets.

9 subset?

Is set1 a subset of set2?

10 superset?

Is set1 a superset of set2?