Choose the most appropriate answer.

1. These cells line the inner walls of the blood vessels, lungs, heart, and oesophagus.a. squamous epithelium b. cuboidal epithelium c. columnar epithelium d. blood2. Tissue that forms the external covering, as well as the lining of the internal organ, isa.muscular tissue b. nervous tissue c. connective tissue d. epithelial tissue3. Epithelial tissue that is made up of cells with more length than width is calleda. squamous epithelium b. columnar epithelium c. cuboidal epithelium d. none of these4. Involuntary muscles havea. no nucleus b. one nucleus c. two nuclei d many nuclei5. Cardiac muscles area. spindle-shaped b. cylindrical c. cylindrical and branched d. Spherical6. Muscles which work continuously and tirelessly area. voluntary muscles b. involuntary muscles c. cardiac muscles d. all of these7. Dendrons in a neuron further divide to forma. cyton b. bones c. axon d. dendrites8. White fibrous tissue is found ina. tendons b. ligaments c. bones d. cartilages9. Connective tissue which acts as packing material around organs isa. yellow fibrous tissue b. white fibrous tissue c. areolar tissue d. cartilage10. Bone is a type ofa. skeletal tissue b. nervous tissue c. connective tissue d. muscular tissue

1. squamous epithelium

2. epithelial tissue

3. cuboidal epithelium

4. one nucleus

5. cylindrical and branched

6. cardiac muscles

7. dendrites

8. tendons & ligaments (you can write either of them)

9. areolar tissue

10. connective tissue


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