Check if product of array containing prime numbers is a perfect square in Python

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Suppose we have an array nums with all prime numbers. We have to check whether the product of all numbers present in nums is a perfect square or not.

So, if the input is like nums = [3,3,7,7], then the output will be True as product of all elements in nums is 441 which is a perfect square as 21^2 = 441.

To solve this, we will follow these steps −

  • m := a map containing all elements in nums and their frequencies
  • for each key in nums, do
    • if m[key] is odd, then
      • return False
  • return True


Let us see the following implementation to get better understanding −

 Live Demo

from collections import defaultdict
def solve(nums) :
   m = defaultdict(int)
   for key in nums :
      m[key] += 1
   for key in nums :
      if m[key] % 2 == 1 :
         return False
   return True
nums = [3,3,7,7]




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