Can I overload private methods in Java?

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Overloading is a one of the mechanisms to achieve polymorphism where, a class contains two methods with same name and different parameters.

Whenever you call this method the method body will be bound with the method call based on the parameters.

Overloading private methods

Yes, we can overload private methods in Java but, you can access these from the same class.


 Live Demo

public class Calculator {
   private int addition(int a , int b){
      int result = a+b;
      return result;
   private int addition(int a , int b, int c){
      int result = a+b+c;
      return result;
   public static void main(String args[]){
      Calculator obj = new Calculator();
      System.out.println(obj.addition(12, 13));
      System.out.println(obj.addition(12, 13, 15));


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