Calculate geographic coordinates of places using google geocoding API in Python?

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To get the geographic coordinates of the place that is longitude and latitude of the place we can use google maps geocoding api.


To get the coordinates of a place, we required geocoding api & you can get it from below link:

Apart from api_key, we are going to use python

  • Request module (fetch the coordinates)
  • Json module (for conversion).

Below is the program to achieve the same:

# Import required library
import requests
import json
#Enter the place name
place = input("Please enter place name: ")
#Place your google map API_KEY to a variable
apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
#Store google geocoding api url in a variable
url = ''
# call get method of request module and store respose object
r = requests.get(url + 'address =' + place + '&key =' + apiKey)
#Get json format result from the above response object
res = r.json()
#print the value of res


Please enter place name: Dehradun
{'results': [{'address_components': [{'long_name': 'Dehradun', 'short_name': 'Dehradun', 'types': ['locality', 'political']}, {'long_name': 'Dehradun', 'short_name': 'Dehradun', 'types': ['administrative_area_level_2', 'political']}, {'long_name': 'Uttarakhand', 'short_name': 'UK', 'types': ['administrative_area_level_1', 'political']}, {'long_name': 'India', 'short_name': 'IN', 'types': ['country', 'political']}], 'formatted_address': 'Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India', 'geometry': {'bounds': {'northeast': {'lat': 30.4041936, 'lng': 78.1089305}, 'southwest': {'lat': 30.2466633, 'lng': 77.92533879999999}}, 'location': {'lat': 30.3164945, 'lng': 78.03219179999999}, 'location_type': 'APPROXIMATE', 'viewport': {'northeast': {'lat': 30.4041936, 'lng': 78.1089305}, 'southwest': {'lat': 30.2466633, 'lng': 77.92533879999999}}}, 'place_id': 'ChIJr4jIVsMpCTkRmYdRMsBiNUw', 'types': ['locality', 'political']}], 'status': 'OK'}
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25