C/C++ Function Call Puzzle?

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This C/C++ function call puzzle is a puzzle that is intended to explore more about the behaviour of method calling in both the programming languages C and C++/.

The output of a method in C and C++ is different. Lets see what is the difference in calling methods in C and C++.

Let’s take an example and check the output of the below code in c and c++.


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void method() {
   // Print statement
int main() {


For C++ −

Error : too many arguments to function ‘void method()’

For C −

Program runs without any error.

Logic behind the output and error

The compilers for C++ programming language treats the function method() as a function without any parameter whereas the same function in the C compiler works quite efficiently as the compiler treats the function method() as a function that can accept variable argument.

Due to this i C++ when we pass arguments to a method that has no parameters in its definition there will be an error prompt in the output window say ‘error: too many arguments to function ‘void func()’.

And in C, the passed arguments are accepted and the code inside the function is executed.

Updated on 07-Oct-2019 08:14:43