Built-In Class Attributes in Python

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Every Python class keeps following built-in attributes and they can be accessed using dot operator like any other attribute −

  • __dict__ − Dictionary containing the class's namespace.
  • __doc__ − Class documentation string or none, if undefined.
  • __name__ − Class name.
  • __module__ − Module name in which the class is defined. This attribute is "__main__" in interactive mode.
  • __bases__ − A possibly empty tuple containing the base classes, in the order of their occurrence in the base class list.


For the above class let us try to access all these attributes −

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class Employee:
   'Common base class for all employees'
   empCount = 0
   def __init__(self, name, salary):
      self.name = name
      self.salary = salary
      Employee.empCount += 1
   def displayCount(self):
      print "Total Employee %d" % Employee.empCount
   def displayEmployee(self):
      print "Name : ", self.name, ", Salary: ", self.salary
print "Employee.__doc__:", Employee.__doc__
print "Employee.__name__:", Employee.__name__
print "Employee.__module__:", Employee.__module__
print "Employee.__bases__:", Employee.__bases__
print "Employee.__dict__:", Employee.__dict__


When the above code is executed, it produces the following result −

Employee.__doc__: Common base class for all employees
Employee.__name__: Employee
Employee.__module__: __main__
Employee.__bases__: ()
Employee.__dict__: {'__module__': '__main__', 'displayCount':
<function displayCount at 0xb7c84994>, 'empCount': 2,
'displayEmployee': <function displayEmployee at 0xb7c8441c>,
'__doc__': 'Common base class for all employees',
'__init__': <function __init__ at 0xb7c846bc>}
Published on 30-Jan-2020 07:12:29