Best Crowd Testing (Crowdsourced) Companies

Today, in the IT world, software testing has become an essential part and to do it, clients often outsource or give the contract of software testing to other companies. Such companies have many resources and employees for to offer quality testing and deliver quality products as per client’s needs and requirements. A company receives a contract along with an amount that is decided during the initial agreement.

Testers usually followed this traditional approach until the concept of Crowdsourced Testing came into existence. This testing is an emerging trend that performs a task similar to that which is usually performed in traditional testing approach.

Some of the main differences between the two approaches includes different testers from different locations, testers not belonging to a specific organization, testers can be novice or experienced, etc. Benefits of crowdsourcing includes cost-effectiveness, and reliable and almost big-free software.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 crowdsourced testing companies and the features they offer.

Global App Testing

One of the most trusted partners of Tier I engineering companies and QA (Quality Assurance) teams like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Instagram, etc. It reduces time and effort spent on testing process, provides global testers with real-world results. Also, Global App Testing helps deliver high quality products.


  • 24x7 help support

  • Completes and delivers test cycles within 48 hours and exports all the defects directly into a bug tracker like JIRA, Asana, GitHub, etc.

  • Supports over 10 platforms and almost unlimited OS combinations

  • Used for exploratory, localization, and regression testing

  • ISO 27001 certified


It is the leading crowdsourced testing company with some high-profile clients including Audi, GymShark, Calvin Klein, etc. It sets the global standards for functional, usability and conversion testing.

Its community consists of more than 50,000 professional testers. It supports hundreds of browsers and device combinations. Its large-scale testing community comprises of part-time testers, dedicated, expert testers who are consistently reviewed and graded. Digivante ensures complete optimization across all platforms, and that your software is tested by only high-quality and professional testers.

This company completes testing worth of 24 days in just 24 days. The obtained results are reviewed through secondary authentication by the in-house teams who validate and prioritize the defects as per their severity, with the help of screenshot and video evidence. With Digivante, we can be completely assured that the most impactful issues are addressed first.

Digivante focusses on customer-made testing to save time and money, while ensuring that our software is ahead of the curve for years to come. Digivante goes beyond customer expectations to offer quality testing, thereby setting industry standards.

Its benefits include

  • 24x7 testing to meet customer needs

  • Its services are completely customizable and industry-leading and personally tailored

  • No testing time-wasters

The different types of testing Digivante supports includes regression, cross-browser, exploratory, agile, usability, localization, accessibility, post release, technical website, performance, payment, live monitoring, functional, security testing.

Test IO

This company was established in 2001, and is headquartered in Berlina and San Francisco. It ensures thorough testing of the software by professional testers. It helps in website, IoT and mobile testing.

Test IO provides with thousands of expert testers to find such bugs in our software that even we do not expect. Its testers are inventive, agile, and curious. The tests are executed on various browsers to provide a score to ensure that the software is ready to launch.

With Test IO, we have to upload our mobile application or website URL. Then the testing team securely distributes the test among the interested testers across the globe. Within an hour of the beginning of testing process, we get the initial test results.

It gives detailed report about the bugs and provides videos and screenshots to review the bugs.


  • Tests are matched with the testers as per their expertise, devices and geography

  • Testers sign NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to make sure that the access is limited to trusted testers only

  • Works with waterfall model and continuous delivery methodology

  • Seamless integration with project management and bug tracking tools

  • It supports functional, regression, usability and beta testing.

QA Mentor

It has a network of more than 12000 testers from 182 countries. It has its own dedicated platform to store and execute test cases. With QA Mentor, the bugs are used for crowdsourcing projects to ease client’s access. Its crowdsourcing community consists of over 600 various versions of mobile devices, more than 180 languages, and more than 400 browser-OS combinations.


  • Ability to practically test any local language

  • Covers 600+ mobile devices and 400+ browser-OS combinations

  • A dedicated Test Project Coordinator for each project

  • Own platform for managing participants

  • On-demand testing

The various types of testing supported by QA Mentor includes functional, cross-browser, usability, beta, localization, UX, game, security, mobile, integration, load testing


It is the leading TaaS (testing as a service) service provider. Testlio is an industry-leading platform with unmatched QA experts. Some of their major clients are CBS, fox, Microsoft, MLS, NBA, USA Today, etc.

It offers a massive pool of the best QA testers who can cover any device, location or language or Internet connection. The testers at Testlio offer high-quality bug detection and insightful reporting. Thus, they save critical time in bug management.

Its testing approach reduces workload by combining professional services, skilled testers and world-class testing software. Testlio provides view of each step of the testing including the testers, devices, test cycles and the bugs. Its supports various testing like regression, usability, functional, and automated testing.


It offers testing of mobile applications, web and cloud applications. It has more than 30 years of software testing experience.

Its network consists of over 1,00,000 testers and 1000 expert testers. They provide a special Test Manager and Deliver Manager who manages testing at every step. These managers are responsible for requirement scoping, creating test plan, managing test cycle, generating reports and other management activities.

It uses more than 50 devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc. The software is tested on different devices in different environments. It supports various platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.


  • Massive pool of global testers

  • Testing starts within one hour because Crowdsprint has a network of over 1,00,000 global testers

  • Software is tested on real devices

  • Increases return-on-investment

  • Dedicated Delivery Manager to ensure high-quality product delivery

  • Testing cost is reduced by 50-70%

The various types of testing supported by Crowdsprint includes functional, cross-browser, security, beta, localization and UX testing.


This company was established in 2012 and is based in San Francisco. They follow a unique way to perform QA. It is the only platform supporting AI-powered Crowdtest and platform as well as agile testing and development.

It’s simple and easy portal helps testers update the test cases easily. It assigns random E-mail addresses to temporary web-based E-mail inbox so send test E-mail related to testing. The portal can also be used to search and filter tests on the basis of the results obtained. It helps understand the reason behind failure of tests. The testers thoroughly investigate the results to verify where actually the tests are failed.


  • Always available for testing

  • Results within 30 minutes

  • Supports Android and iOS

  • Cross-browser and cross-platform testing

  • Supports browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.

  • Supports Windows, Linux, etc.

  • Dedicated team for exploratory testing to meet client demands

The various types of testing supported by Rainforest are web and mobile application, and exploratory testing.


At Pay4Bugs, testers detect bugs and report it immediately are paid as per the number of bugs they identify. It consists of thousands of testers to work at any time.

It tests our software in a real environment, by humans. They provide actionable bug reports with all the necessary details about the bugs so that they can be easily reproduced. It helps identify bugs at an early stage so that they do not become a critical issue.


  • Pay-per-bug feature that is too cost-effective as we only need to pay for the valid and approved bugs

  • The approved bugs can be easily and instantly exported to GitHub and other bug tracking tools

  • Supports Android, iOS, etc.

  • Results within a short period of time


This leading crowd testing provider company was founded in 2011 in Germany. Till date, it has spread across Italy, North America, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Its community includes 2,00,00 registered testers from 193 countries.

They aim at providing high-quality software to end users. It tests website, web apps, mobile apps, games, IoT, etc. It offers a crowd testing service to search for the bugs. It categorizes the bugs based on their severity.

It provides 4,50,000 devices and virtual machines with multiple combinations of software and OS.


  • Platform available for 24/7/365

  • We can live track our software for all ongoing projects

  • System verified and approved bugs

The various types of testing supported by Testbirds are performance, localization, regression and exploratory testing.

MyCrowd QA

This on-demand platform supports website and mobile applications testing in a real environment. Its testers execute the test cases quickly and obtain the results with one hour with the help of MyCrowd Studio. Its testers are skilled, professional and can complete the whole testing process in just three hours.

It performs smoke tests, manual tests and exploratory tests as per customer demands. It has complete control over the crowd (testers) and delivers quality results quickly.


  • Reduces cost of testing by 75%

  • Ensures testing in various environments and localizations

  • Supports multiple language tests

The various types of testing supported by MyCrowd QA are functional, regression, cross-browser, UI/UX, usability, compatibility, and email template testing.

Updated on: 01-Nov-2021


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