Behave - Installation

Behave installation can be done by the following ways −

With pip

For Behave installation, we should have pip – the package installer for the Python language installed in our system. The pip is installed by default, if the Python version is greater than 2(upto 2.7.9).

To install pip, run the below mentioned command −

pip install pip

To install pip with Behave, run the command given below −

pip install behave

The following screen will appear on your computer −

Behave Installation

We can update an existing version of Behave with the following command −

pip install –U behave

We can also use the easy_install for the Behave installation.

To install Setuptools, run the below mentioned command−

pip install setuptools

Now, for the Behave installation, run the command stated below:

easy_install behave

We can update an existing version of behave with the command given below:

easy_install –U behave

With Source Distribution

Post unpacking of the source distribution of Behave, type the new generated directory 'behave-<version>' and execute the below mentioned command −

python install

With Git Repository

We should first have the pip installed in the system.

Later on, to install the latest version of Behave with Git repository, run the below mentioned command −

pip install git+

If we use the PyCharm Editor for writing the Behave code, we should have the Professional version of PyCharm along with the Gherkin plugin installed with it.