Beginner Tips for Learning Python

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If you are a beginner Python programmer, then this article is for you. If you are confused about what to do to learn Python, then this is the right place.

Python is high-level programming. It's a versatile language. You can do almost anything with the Python. So, learning Python will be an add-on to your job. Let's take some tips from experience.

Your Interest

Why do you need Python? If you can answer that question, then you will get clarity on whether to learn Python or not. Python is used in different fields like Machine learning, Web development, Robotics, Scripts, Automation, etc..,. If you have an interest in those topics, then go for Python.

Basic Syntax

First, start with the basic syntax of the program. After getting some experience with the syntax, then go for advanced syntax. You have different sources to learn Python. You can get free tutorials on the Youtube for basics of Python. Start learning.

Practice It

Whatever you learn, practice that. Practicing makes you perfect in the syntax. If you see the syntax without any practice, then you won't remember the syntax. Practice plays a vital role in programming.


For advanced level syntax, go for some best books. Reading a book gives complete clarity on the syntax. It's a best practice to read a book. O'Reilly and NoStarchPress books are best for learning.


While learning tries to do some small projects like generating random expressions, games, scripts for automation, etc.., Doing projects gives you experience.

Connect People

Create a community of Python programmers. This will help you when you stuck at something. Connecting people means increasing your knowledge.


Participate in the online Hackathons to know your problem-solving skills. It will help you to get a job in MNCs'. Participate as much as you can. Every hackathon will teach you something.


Upload your code to Github so that other people can contribute to your project. This is a great platform for you to improve your project.


Go from scratch. Don't directly some into some advanced stuff. Make sure you know the syntax well. If you want any help, ask it in the comment section.

Updated on 01-Nov-2019 08:02:35