Barchart with vertical labels in Python/Matplotlib

First, we can create bars using and using xticks. Then, we can align the labels by setting the “vertical” or “horizontal” attributes in the “rotation” key.


  • Make lists, bars_heights, and bars_label, with numbers.

  • Make a bar plot using bar() method, with bars_heights and length of bars_label.

  • Get or set the current tick locations and labels of the X-axis, using xticks() with rotation='vertical' and bars_label.

  • To show the plot, use method.


from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

bars_heights = [14, 8, 10]
bars_label = ["A label", "B label", "C label"], bars_heights)
plt.xticks(range(len(bars_label)), bars_label, rotation='vertical')


Updated on: 17-Mar-2021

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