Bara Imambara - Overview

Bara Imambara or Asafi Imambara was constructed in 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud Daulah, the fourth nawab of Awadh. Shia Muslims come here to mourn during the month of Muharram to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, in the battle of Karbala held in 680AD. The main feature of this monument is that no pillars or beams were used to support the roof.

Bara Imambara


Lucknow is the capital of Indian state Uttar Pradesh and stands on the banks of Gomti river. Lucknow is popular for its Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb. The city was the capital of the Nawabs of Awadh during 18th and 19th century. The rulers of many dynasties ruled the city which finally came under the rule of British. After independence, the city was made the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Lucknow City

Visiting Hours

Bara Imambara opens for public from 6:00am to 5:00pm. It takes around one hour to visit the monument as there are few places to visit. The monument is opened on all days of the week except Monday. The monument does not close on public holidays.


The visitors have to pay buy tickets in order to visit the monument. Indian visitors have to pay Rs. 25 while foreign tourists have to pay Rs. 300. There is no ticket for the children below the age of 15 years.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Lucknow is the period between September and March as the weather is pleasant. Though the month of January is chilly but still people will enjoy moving in and around the city. In the rest of the months the climate is either hot or hot and humid and is not suitable to visit the place.

Where to Stay?

There are more than 300 hotels in Lucknow where people can enjoy their stay. The hotels range from inexpensive hotels to five-star hotels. Some of the hotels in the city with their location are as follows −

  • Five-Star Hotels

    • Lebua Lucknow located at Mall Avenue

    • Hotel Clarks Awadh located at MG Road

    • Renaissance Lucknow Hotel located at Gomti Nagar

    • Vivanta by Taj located at Gomti Nagar

    • The Piccadily located at Bara Birwa

  • Four-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Ranjees located at Gomti Nagar

    • The Grand Radiant located at Cantt Road

    • The Grand JBR hotel located at Gomti Nagar

    • The Revanta located at Sitapur Road

    • Hotel Deep Palace located at Cantt Road

  • Three-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Dayal palace located at Gomti Nagar

    • The Maple Leaf Hotel located at Hazratganj

    • Hotel York Inn located at Guru Gobind Singh Marg

    • Hotel Levana located at Hazratganj

    • Hotel Lineage located at Gomti Nagar

  • Budget or Two-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Sunrise located at Charbagh

    • Treebo Shivam Inn located at Gomti Nagar

    • Royal Inn located at Saharaganj

    • Hotel Simla Palace located at Latouche Road

    • Hotel Mangalam Palace located at Airport Road.

  • Cheap or One-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Ganga Maiya located at Hussainganj

    • Hotel S P International located at Latouche Road

    • Babian Inn located at Faizabad Road

    • Hotel Raj located at Vidhan Sabha Marg

    • De Park Inn located at Gomti Nagar

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