Bara Imambara - Architecture

Bara Imambara is a monument where the Shia Muslims come to mourn in the month of Muharram. The monument has two levels of entrances, a large, courtyard, and many gardens. There are two magnificent entrances which are triple arched. The main building is constructed on a high platform and has three storeys.

Central Hall

There are nine halls in the monument and the central hall is the largest. The hall has the length of 50m and width of 16m. The ceiling is constructed at the height of 15m. The main feature of the ceiling is that there are no columns to support it. Also, no beams, iron rods or a girder were used to support the ceiling. The eight other halls are small and surround the central one.

Central Hall

Bhul Bhulaiyya

Bhul Bhulayya is a part of the monument that has a network of walls. Tourists, who go to see it, must take a guide with them in order to enter and exit bhul bhulayya. The bhul bhulayya has 1000 passages and many of them are dead ends.

Bhul Bhulaiyya

Baoli and Asafi Masjid

The monument has a five-storey baoli or step well and is also known as Shahi Hammam. The step well is directly connected to Gomti. Out of the five storeys, three are submerged in water while two are above.

Asafi Masjid

Asafi Masjid was constructed inside the bara imambara by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah. No iron material was used in the construction of the mosque. The mosque is located to the right of the bara imambara’s gate.

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