Bank of America Interview Questions

Bank of America is a prestigious multinational investment and financial services company. It is one of the top banks and corporations based in the USA, with headquarters in Northern California. This organization can offer lucrative opportunities, salaries, and a top-end career. However, getting an interview call from Bank of America is a tough nut to crack. With the right mindset and strategy, you can ace your interview. Here, in this blog, you will get every detail about the interview process. So read on −

Bank of America Interview Process

The interview with BOA consists of four rounds. The rounds are an online test, a phone interview, a technical round, and an HR interview. You have to pass an online test before going to the telephone round.

  • Online Assessment  − The round has logical reasoning and aptitude tests.

  • Telephone round - After passing the online assessment, the interviewer will ask about you. He can ask you about your qualifications, experience, and compensation expectations for the role.

  • Technical round − This round will check your technical skills. You can expect questions from the projects you have completed and queries on different technologies like Java, Python, SQL, and others.

  • HR Round − The HR round is the last stage of your interview. This round is designed to test your confidence and background. You can get asked questions like why you want to join Bank of America, your interests, and your career plan.

Frequently Asked Bank of America Interview Questions

Telephonic Round Questions

Name a project you worked on and the challenges you faced there.

You should answer this question by telling them about the recent project you have completed. Highlight how you displayed your ability while working with a team.

What is your greatest personal achievement?

You must respond to this question by demonstrating accomplishments as well as the results you brought to your organization.

What are your strategies for dealing with failure?

You should never make them feel that you consider setbacks to be failures. Rather, show them that you learn from your setbacks.

Tell us how you demonstrated resilience or motivation in the last nine to twelve months.

Share your experience with obstacles in the projects that you were doing and how you overcame them. It shows your resilience and how you kept yourself motivated throughout the process.

Describe a situation in which you had to analyze data to develop a solution.

You should show that you are good at data analysis and statistics. You should talk about your experience in your previous organization and how you used data analysis in depth to solve a problem.

Technical Round Questions

What is your way of copying an integer from one variable to another while keeping the third variable the same?

It can be performed by using addition and subtraction arithmetic operators. Suppose the two variables are c = 10 and d = 50.

c= 10
d= 50
c = c + d # c= 60
c = c - d # d= 10
c= c- d # c = 50
print("After Swapping: c," c, "d," d);

What is called an instance of Java?

In Java, whether an object is an instance of a certain type, a class or subclass, or an interface is determined by the "instanceof" operator.

Describe the difference between abstraction and inheritance.

The main difference is that abstraction only reveals functionality while hiding internal details. While inheritance permits using the properties and methods of an already existing class.

Elaborate on the difference between a process and a thread.

A process is an active program that is used for heavyweight tasks. On the other hand, a thread is a self-controlled process that is used for remote operations.

How can you ensure that no class extends my class?

Using the keyword "final" while creating the class can be prevented. Similarly, subclasses can be prevented by designating a method as the final method.

Tell us about some programming languages that you have learned in the past few years.

You can say how well-versed you are in different programming languages like HTML, C++, Python, and others. You can say the same thing about the software applications you built by learning Python or another language.

HR Round

Tell us something about yourself.

If you get asked this question, then you should start highlighting interesting information about your life, and then you can move on to your professional life. This question is asked to determine how well you fit the role. You need not be too formal, rather it’s a great idea to exchange a dialogue or two over this question.

What are your reasons for working with us?

You should start giving interesting information about your personality and why you want to join them. Don’t forget to showcase the good areas of the organization’s management, work ethics, etc. It tells how much pre-research you have attempted to do.

What do you know about Bank of America?

You need to do research about the organization before answering this question. You should tell them interesting facts about their work, clients, etc. Your aim should be to make them aware that you are eager to join them.

What have you planned for your career in the next five years?

They want to know where you see yourself in the future and if your goals align with their long-term objectives.

What is your greatest weakness?

This question needs to be handled with care. Avoid sharing your drawbacks transparently. Instead, consider telling your weaknesses in a diplomatic way. Also, it is necessary, not to mention any serious work-related weaknesses. All they want to check is, how you handle your personal challenges.

What is your greatest strength?

Whatever your strength is, you should tell it in an appropriate way. You should say how your strengths can help you work with them.

Can you work on a team?

While answering this question, you should describe how you worked in a previous organization in a team and collaborated with different team members to get good outcomes for the project you were doing.

Bank of America Interview Tips

Apart from the above questions, you can also prepare other sets of questions to ace your interview. You can also keep some points in mind to give your best in your interview. The points are -

  • Dress up in formal clothes.

  • Take a lot of practice interviews.

  • Don't answer too fast.

  • Keep the conversation focused on your business rather than bringing personal items.

  • Do your research for the position you are applying for.

  • Don't get nervous.


Bank of America is a prestigious institution, and going the extra mile to give your best shot to ace the interview, is totally worth it! You can prepare for different questions beforehand to do well in your interview. And be assured that you soon crack it and see your dream coming true!

Updated on: 13-Dec-2022


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