BabylonJS - Introduction

Babylon.js is a javascript open-source framework which is used to develop 3D applications/ video games for the web. The official website of BabylonJS is

Using Babylon.js framework is easy for the users. It contains all the required tools to create and manage 3D objects, special effects, and sounds, etc.

Babylon.js is one of the most popular 3D game engines and is widely used by developers. Being a 3D library, it provides built-in functions. These functions help you implement common 3D functionality with efficient and accurate ways.

It is developed using TypeScript language based on WebGL and javascript.

What is WebGL?

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is the new standard for 3D graphics on the Web. It is designed for the purpose of rendering 2D graphics and interactive 3D graphics. It is derived from OpenGL's ES 2.0 library which is a low-level 3D API for phones and other mobile devices. WebGL provides similar functionality of ES 2.0 (Embedded Systems) and performs well on modern 3D graphics hardware.

The TypeScript

By definition, “TypeScript is JavaScript for application-scale development.”

TypeScript is a strongly typed, object oriented, compiled language. TypeScript is both a language and a set of tools. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript compiled to JavaScript. In other words, TypeScript is JavaScript plus some additional features.

The goal of TypeScript language is to improve and secure the production of JavaScript code.Since BabylonJS is developed using TypScript, it is robust and secure.

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